8848 Rye Vodka 750ML


8848 Rye Vodka 750ML

Volume: 750ML

Brand: 8848

Country: Nepal

Alcohol: 40%

Introducing 8848 Rye Vodka, Nepal’s first Rye Vodka.

The limited-edition release showcases an exclusive art piece by Tsherin Sherpa presented on a new black bottle.

This vodka combines century-old vodka making traditions of Poland with modern-day innovation. Crafted with the finest Polish rye, 8848 Rye vodka has a smooth, dry finish with notes of black pepper.

Distilled five times from Polish rye, which ensures a smooth sipping experience showcasing black-pepper and spicy notes of Polish rye and a clear, crisp taste obtained from the silver and platinum carbon filtration.

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