Acnes Trio Activ Creamy Face Wash 100G


Acnes Trio Activ Creamy Face Wash 100G

Brand: Acnes

Country: Nepal

Acnes Trio activ creamy wash besides removing dirt and dust also helps in killing acnegenic bacteria present in the deep pores of skin. Acne treatment creamy face wash helps in cleansing excessive sebum in a soft and gentle manner and cures redness reducing acne/ pimples breakout.

  • Daily washing helps clean skin, reduces acne, limits scarring - dark spots, helps smooth skin, prevents new acne formation.
  • Wet your face, take a sufficient amount of cream into the palm of your hand, lather and smooth over your face. Rinse with plenty of water.
  • Should be used in conjunction with Acnes Soothing Lotion and Acnes Sealing Jell for optimal effect.
  • Suitable for dry skin, normal skin.
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