Colgate Visible White Toothpaste 100G


Colgate Visible White Toothpaste 100G

Brand: Colgate

Country: India

Experience the Magic of a Dazzling White Smile

No matter the look, complete it with the only beauty essential you need — a dazzling white smile. After all, nothing quite beats the charm of an unhindered, sparkling smile. Colgate Visible White helps you get one shade whiter teeth in one week.*

  • Use Colgate Visible White Toothpaste to get one shade whiter teeth in one week.
  • Infused with whitening accelerators which gently exfoliate surface stains, polishes your teeth.
  • Protects enamel, helps prevent cavities, removes plaque and keeps your breath minty fresh, completely safe for regular use.
  • Use thrice a day for visible results, the toothpaste is 100% Vegan, Sugar-free, Gluten-free.
  • Colgate is India's most trusted oral care brand and certified by Indian Dental Association. This toothpaste is 100% Vegan and Gluten free.
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