Life Agro Makai Ko Pitho (Cornflour) 1KG


Life Agro Makai Ko Pitho (Cornflour) 1KG

Brand: Life Agro

Country: Nepal

Makai ko Pitho (Corn Flour) is one of the most versatile food that many of us consume on a daily basis.

It can be consumed by making cornbread, puwaa, soup thickening agent, and while making fried foods.

It is very healthy diet choice and a perfect alternative to rice for everyday consumption. Some of its numerous health benefits are:

  • Lowers blood cholesterol and prevents high blood pressure.
  • Energises the body, reduces constipation, and improves digestive health.
  • Prevents lack of red blood cells and is also good for pregnant women.
  • Presence of a high amount of magnesium and potassium helps in improving bone health.
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