Real Fruit Mango Juice 1L


Real Fruit Mango Juice 1L

Volume: 1000ML

Brand: Real

Country: Nepal

Real Fruit Power Mango is the ultimate indulgence. It's thick, and so full of mangoes that every sip is like biting into the sumptuous fruit itself. Made from the best quality mangoes, it is the sure indulgence for all mango lovers.

A pack of Real Mango juice retains the goodness and taste of real mangoes which is preserved by a six layered Tetra Pack packaging which protects the product from germs, air, sunlight and harmful UV rays. This goodness of mangoes comes with No Added Preservatives or colours. Just Real.

The famous mango juice, high in vitamins is also Nepal's favorite fruit juice drink. A glass full of mango juice every morning keeps a kid energetic, healthy and active throughout the day.

Poured over cubes of ice, mixed with milk into a shake or sipped straight from the pack, it never ceases to delight.

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