Wonder Clean Dishwasher & Utensil Cleaner 500ML


Wonder Clean Dishwasher & Utensil Cleaner 500ML

Brand: Wonder Clean

Country: India

An ideal cleaning solution for all your daily utensils, crockery and non-stick cookware. Wonder Clean Dishwasher has Lime and Vinegar. It’s superior quality and high power makes your utensils sparkling clean. The fragrance too is soothing and the liquid is soft to the hands.

  • Use Wonder Clean for tough oily stains by just pouring one drop on to your scrub/sponge for sparkling clean utensils.
  • For daily cleaning, use Wonder Clean by diluting in a bowl of water.
  • Dip your scrub/sponge in it and wash your utensils.
  • Wonder Clean does not leave any scratch marks or unwanted residue on your utensils.
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