Real Fruit Grape Juice 1L


Real Fruit Grape Juice 1L

Volume: 1000ML

Brand: Real

Country: Nepal

Dabar Nepal bring to you the juicy pleasures and goodness of pulpy, delicious grapes in form of Real Fruit Power Grape variant. This Grapes flavour is made using the very unique and nutritious red grapes. It is indeed full of all the goodness, fun and taste that one would associate with the fruit. The best part about it is that one glass of Real Fruit Power Fruit Grapes provides as much energy as a glass of milk! So whenever during the day, your body craves for a delicious burst of energy, you know where to look for. Simply taste the richness of grapes available to you in the pack!

It is made from the best quality red grapes that are processed after being chosen from the best vineyards using aseptic technology. All the nutrients of red grapes reach your home sealed in six-layered Tetra Pak, with No Added Colour and No Added Preservatives. A glass of Real Fruit Grapes juice keeps your brain active, alert and healthy. For everyday health, grapes also work as laxative and cure constipation.

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