Real Fruit Litchi Juice 1L


Real Fruit Litchi Juice 1L

Volume: 1000ML

Brand: Real

Country: Nepal

Real Fruit Power Litchi ensures that all the benefits of litchi juice reach and delight you with its juicy and unique taste, all year round. It offers all of the goodness of litchis and packs it safely in a unique 6 layered Tetra Pak.

The unique 6 layered Tetra Pak is done to keep the juice fresh, and help retain its exquisite taste and flavour. The pack ensures that every pack has all the benefits of litchi without any added preservatives or added colours.

Right from kids to elderly, a glass full of Real litchi juice will not only keep you away from many health disorders and terrible illness, it will make your face & hair beautiful at the same time.

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