Real Fruit Orange Juice 1L


Real Fruit Orange Juice 1L

Volume: 1000ML

Brand: Real

Country: Nepal

Real Fruit Orange Juice packs all the fun, quality and the nutrition of oranges, sourced from the finest orchards from across the world. Each pack is loaded with the goodness of 10 oranges, as to ensure that you get all the orange juice benefits in each sip. Packed in a six layered Tetra Pack packaging which protects the product from germs, air, sunlight and harmful UV rays and made without any added preservatives or added colors. The best and a delicious way to get Vitamin A & C that your body requires everyday to keep you active all day long.

Kick start your day with all the health benefits of Orange juice; it keeps your immunity system working well and the fiber makes sure that your stomach works efficiently.

Serve the goodness of orange juice directly from the pack or create lip-smacking mocktails, shakes, slushes and even puddings.

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